Thursday, May 29, 2008

WC Spring Gift Exchange!

For those of you that don't know, I frequent a message board on The Nest called What's Cooking. A spring gift exchange was announced so I signed up....sounded like fun! Basically, everyone who signed up was put into a pool and then you were given a name of another girl. You would not know who had your name until you received your gift in the mail. The coordinator uses Elfster for the exchange which allows you to ask questions anonomously to the person you got. Very cool. I was very happy to be assigned a girl named Carrie and I started shopping right away. I got her a loaf pan, cookie scoop, Paula Deen DVD, cupcake baking cups, a cupcake mix...I think that's everything. Carrie, hope you liked it all and have lots of fun with it. :-)

Needless to say, I've been waiting very patiently for my gift. The mailing deadline was this past Friday so I knew it was coming...yippee. When I got home today, the package was here...woohoo! It had a sweet little note in it saying that she hopes I have a wonderful spring and summer. As you can see in the picture above, the gift is awesome. I was blown away and so excited about all of it. I'll list it all just for fun: a 9" springform pan (here I come, cheesecakes), 2 cookie scoops (small and medium), cupcake baking cups and cupcake sprinkles from Crate & Barrel (they are red, white and cute), the 500 Cupcakes book and a framed plumeria (my favorite flower) picture. Really great gift...the plumeria picture really topped it off...made it super special and I knew that she had done it just for me. So, thanks Stefany (TPOX) for the awesome, thoughtful gift. This made for a wonderful experience with my first WC gift exchange. I've already started looking through the book and I'm stoked to use the cookie scoops. I've decided I'll be baking cupcakes with my cousin and her son when they come down to visit for July 4th! Thanks again, this gift rocks! Click here to check out Stefany's blog, Proceed with Caution.


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