Thursday, July 19, 2012

Halfway to Baby Becker

21 weeks tomorrow!  It's crazy how fast time is flying by.  I went for my 20 week appt yesterday and everything seems to be progressing nicely.  They say baby man is around 12 ounces which is right where he needs to be.  I've been feeling him moving around a little bit, but not much.  It's just little flutters in my stomach.  I'm excited to really feel him moving in there! Mike is ready too. :-)  When we go for the ultrasounds (weekly until 24 weeks - due to me having mild lupus, they have to check his heart weekly to make sure it's growing and functioning properly - so far, so good!), they say that he is a wiggle worm.  So, I'm going to bet we'll be feeling him soon.

20 weeks - July 13, 2012

I actually got Mike out to do some nursery shopping last weekend.  If you know Mike, then you might guess that this would be tough.  Well, he was such a trooper and I'm so thankful for that.  We bought a dresser/changing table from Ikea and we also ordered the crib from Babies R Us.  I also grabbed a few things to try out...a super cute owl crib bumper, a small accent rug and some drapes.  Oh, I also talked him into letting me stop at about 5 different places to accumulate way to many paint sample cards.  Talk about "Fifty Shades of Grey"....well, that's exactly what I came home with.  After taping them all up on the wall and staring at them for about 3 days, I've narrowed it down to about 6.  Whew! I'm getting there.  I asked Mike if we could go this weekend to get 3-4 actual paint samples to try on the walls.  His response: "No, just pick one and that's what we are painting the room."  Haha, typical Mike.

We also started the registry process, which is extremely overwhelming.  We went for a few hours one day and I haven't done anything since.  I'm hosting a bridal shower next weekend and once I get through that, I'm going to get focused on rounding out the registry.   Have I mentioned how fast this is flying by?  Oh, and how much stuff I have to do in between?  Oh, and that I'm swamped at work?  Par for the course, I suppose.  Anyways, here is a sweet picture of the daddy-to-be practicing with a stuffed monkey.

How Far Along: 20 weeks, 6 days

Weight Gain: +13 lbs

Size of baby Noah: a pomegranate, weighing in at about 12 oz.

What I miss:  a good night's sleep...but I guess I can kiss that goodbye for quite some time.  I've been getting up at least once (in the very early a.m.) to pee.  And my legs have been cramping up quite bad when sleeping.  They say you should sleep on your left side while prego...well, I'm trying so hard and it's just not comfy.  I gave in yesterday and ordered a pregnancy pillow that will fit under my belly and between my legs.  I'm hoping that brings some relief.

Coming up in the next week or so:  choosing and buying a glider for the nursery, ordering the crib bedding, hosting a bridal shower (which consists of quite a bit of shopping and crafting to get ready)

For the most part, all is well in the pregnancy department.  No cravings really.  I'm eating exactly how I was pre-pregnancy.  And I've been walking or going to the gym at least 4 days a week.  Little mama is feeling good! (and thankful for it!!!)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beachin It

This weekend, I headed to Nags Head for a few days of relaxation on the beach with the family.  Mike's brother, Erik, had flown in and they were having some 'guy time'. 

What this really meant was that I would have my picture taken in a bikini for the first time, which could be a little scary.  I have to say I'm feeling pretty good so far with how my weight is progressing.  Although, I do feel that my belly has seriously 'popped' in the last week.  I will weigh myself Thursday for my weekly weigh-in and I'm a little nervous that it will have gone a little overboard this week.  Oh well, back to the gym today.  I need to be consistent with my walking and exercising to make sure both of us stay healthy.

How Far Along: 19 weeks

Weight Gain: +12.5 lbs

Size of Baby Becker: a mango, weighing in at about 8.5 oz (really picking up speed in the growth department)

And the biggest reveal is Baby Becker's gender.......

WE'RE HAVING A BOY!!!!!  So, Noah Justin Becker is on the way....