Monday, May 19, 2008

Time for BBQ, baby!

Mike had a flag football game tonight so I knew it would be a good day to throw some chicken in the crockpot. I started with some thighs that we had in the freezer (Mike would like those) and a big chicken breast for me. I dumped a bottle of Jack Daniels bbq sauce in there and added some water (enough to almost cover the chicken), set it on low for 8 hrs and off to work I went. For mine, I thought I would have a bbq sandwich so I shredded my chicken breast and put it on a delicious potato roll. The bbq taste wasn't distinct enough so I chose to add more to my sandwich. Mike preferred to just eat his right from the bone. I went simple with the sides since he wouldn't be home until 9:00. Corn....a favorite in our house..was the choice. I used frozen yellow corn. I always cook it the way my grandmother always did and it's always a hit. Simple!! In a saute pan, add some butter/ margarine of your choice (a tbsp or two, depending on the amt of corn)...then add the corn. Sprinkle with salt and pepper (use a generous amount of pepper)...once the corn starts to cook, add another tbsp of butter. Stir occasionally while cooking on medium for 10-12 mins then turn to very low until you are ready to serve. And dinner is served!

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