Monday, May 19, 2008

Babies bring out the sweetness...

This weekend was a busy one. I'll start by giving you the reason for it all....a little bun in the oven, whose name will be Hayden. His mommy and daddy (our good friends, Zach & Angel) came down from Tennessee for their baby shower here in Florida. It was going to be a coed shower (which Mike wasn't too thrilled about - after attending, he said 'those definitely aren't for guys'...haha) and they were expecting about 65 people. Wow! I offered to help and was recruited to help bring food....oh, did I mention it a was a desserts shower? Yea, I'll get to that in a following post. Back to the baby. I just wanted to show off the sweet little gift we got for them...really I'll just show you the great little box (which they can use in his room) and the cute teddy bear ribbon. Anyways, I filled it with small items from the registry...burp pads, onesies, socks, pacifiers, rattles, etc...and a bottle of wine for the new mommy and daddy to celebrate with after he is born.

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