Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Goodies

This weekend was packed full of all kinds of goodness. Goodie #1 = kiddies. Last night, we got to babysit 2 of my favorite little ones...5 year old Brianna and 8 month old Andrew. I decided to invite our neighbors' little girl (also 5), Elise, over to play with Brianna. Our friends, Tania and Dave, were nice enough to come hang out with us while we were babysitting. The plan for the night was to order pizza, play and make cupcakes.

We'll start with the cupcakes (goodie #2). I was thinking of testing a 'made from scratch' icing but decided that with two little girls, easier would be better. But, I did want to try making the cake mix with diet soda...something I've read lots about but haven't never done. So, here were our ingredients: one box of yellow cake mix, 12 oz of sprite zero and one can of whipped cream frosting...oh, and some pink sprinkles and a little red food coloring just for fun. Somehow, the pink sprinkles did not make it on the lone cupcake above...poor thing. These were delish and only about 140 calories in each one...not bad, huh?

For goodie(s) #3, we have some craft projects. One is for my friend, Ashley's, shower gift which is on the 26th so I will not be posting that until after the shower (you never know who might see and then the surprise would be ruined). It turned out beautifully and I can't wait to show you. It was my first attempt at this particular project and I was so happy with how it came out. The next is for a baby shower. My cousin and his wife are expecting baby #3 (their second little boy) in June and one of my aunts is throwing a shower for her. She told me that the theme is construction (a.k.a. Tonka) trucks and I found lots of cute stuff online. One trip to Party City and I had everything that I had wanted to order online...well, except for the really cute cupcake picks. So, one pack of stickers later, I was making my own. I just put the stickers on thin pieces of cardboard and cut into small squares and then taped to flat toothpicks...voila!...cupcake picks. I think they turned out so cute and so worth it for 5 minutes of work. The shower is in VA (where all of my family lives) and I won't be able to make it from FL (I will be in Charlotte, NC for my friend Ashley's shower and bachelorette party...woohoo!) so these as well as the other decorations will be my contribution. I hope that she enjoys it!

Too bad I didn't think about sticking one of these cuties into the cupcakes I made on Saturday night...duh! Oh well, you get the idea.

And for weekend goodie #4, see the post above...that was a darn good way to top off a very good weekend.

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