Friday, April 18, 2008

Ready for a Beachin' Birthday? haha

Cake pic found here.

Isn't that cake so cute? Yea, well...I didn't make it. But it's the thought that counts right? My hubby, Mike, turns 27 tomorrow. So, tonight we are leaving for the beach (about 40 mins from our house) to spend the weekend. We have about 15 friends joining us tomorrow for a day at the beach followed by dinner and some fun at the local beach bars. I am so looking forward to it.

I will not be making a cake (he's not big on sweets anyways) but I will be doing some baking today when I get home from work...snacks to take with us for our day on the beach. I'm trying my hand at banana chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal fudge bars, and pasta salad. Of course, I won't be posting any of it until Monday so just hold your horses.

To give you an idea of the kind of weekend I'm expecting to have, please see the photo below. That's a little fancier than I imagine this weekend jaunt will be... I'm expecting to have lots of coolers, a beer in hand, some definite tan lines... and a whole lot of loud roudiness. Hope you have as much fun as we're going to have. Now, if I could only get out of work to get that baking started, pack the car, and be on our way to the beach....see ya!

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