Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Simple Shrimp

I was feeling very fickle when I got home from work yesterday. There was fresh shrimp and salmon in our fridge and I knew it had to be made, but I wasn't in the mood. By the way, me not being in the mood for shrimp is a very, and I mean very, rare occurrence. Because I couldn't figure out what else I wanted, I went ahead and made it...dear hubby made his own salmon. In addition to my fickleness (is that a word?), I was also feeling lazy so my gourmet shrimp recipe consisted of some smart balance light butter, garlic powder and Emeril's Essence seasoning. It was difficult, let me tell you. Melt 1-2 tablespoons over medium heat, add shrimp, sprinkle seasonings on shrimp...turn when bottoms are pink and sprinkle again. All done! I threw some sugar snap peas in boiling water for a few seconds and sprinkled them with a little salt & pepper. Mike likes them crunchy so I didn't even bother sauteeing them after boiling them (did I mention I was feeling especially lazy?. I then whipped up some butter & herb fettucine noodles (ha! from a Lipton Pasta Sides bag). They were delish but with the amount of sodium in it, I will surely make my own from now on. For being quick and last minute (and with yummy noodles full of sodium), it was a pretty quick dinner. We didn't complain.

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