Thursday, June 7, 2012

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

(**this was around week 10, first week of May )

Oh, you want to be a millionaire too? Yes, of course that would be nice.  But this post really is about dinner last night.  I know, I know.... everything is about food.  I'm actually quite sick of food, sick of thinking about food, sick of eating food.  I'm hungry and I like to eat, but then afterwards, I just feel gross.  And then I think about what I'm going to eat next. Disturbing.

Mike worked late last night and said he would stop at Outback on the way home to pick up dinner.  Great! I got grab a bag of chips (hey, if 6:00 hits and dinner isn't in front of me, I panic) and pull up the menu online and here's what went down...(talking to myself, of course)

Me: Definitely cheese fries and a house salad (that's common for me)
Cheesy Game Show host (in my head, obvs): is that your final answer?
Me: No, definitely not.
Me: hmmm, steak with side of cheese fries and house salad.  Yea, that sounds great.
Me: oh wait, that No Rules Pasta looks really good.
Game Show host: is that your final answer?
Me: No, no, no. Hold on a freakin minute.
Me: A burger with side of cheese fries. Yum!
Me: I should just stick to the salad and cheese fries.
Game Show host: is that your final answer?
Me: I need to phone a friend.
Me (calling Lani): hey, this is really important. I don't know what to order.  Here is what sounds good to me (proceed to go over all of the above)....but then it doesn't really sound good either. What do I do?
Lani: (laughing at me and clearly busy enough with her 2 month old child to not have to deal with me) You can't go wrong with the steak and cheese fries. But I prefer the alice springs chicken - maybe you should get chicken.
Me: (after a lot of debating) ok, thanks. I can do this.  I'm getting hungry. I need to order. Bye.
Me (calling Outback): outback special with a side of cheese fries and a house salad.  How big is the side of cheese fries? I mean, is it a good amount?  (yes, she says, it is) Ok, because I'm pregnant and I don't want them skimping on my cheese fries. (she laughs but assures me she will check it herself to make sure they don't skimp).
Me: (wondering if it's too much to ask for them to toast the bread before they pack it up -have you noticed they don't put the bread through the breadwarmer for takeout? - yea, this annoys me. I decide to just leave things how they are).

Whew, finally dinner is ordered.  I mean, seriously, did I mention I've turned into a full blown lunatic?

I ate all of the cheese fries, half of the steak, and about 3 bites of salad.  I usually eat the whole salad before starting on anything else.  Nugget doesn't like veggies.  Have I told you that before?

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Lani T said...

I obviously should have told you to get a double order of cheese fries. My bad. I will do better next time.