Thursday, June 7, 2012

Welcome to CrazyTown, USA

I had a particularly rough day at work.  One of those days where everyone is clearly an idiot (except me, of course). I was huffing and puffing and throwing crap around my desk when the phone rang.  It was Kris - she asked how things were going.  I told her EXACTLY how things were going - in not so pleasant terms.  She kept asking questions..."like what?", "who would do that?", "what did you say?". Now that I look back on it, I do believe she was trying to provoke me.  Her quiet giggles when I answered each question with a shout probably should have tipped me off.  Finally, she literally busted out laughing.  My exact words, "Stop laughing or I'll punch you".  I mean, where does this stuff come from?  Nugget probably thinks his mother is a lunatic. Actually, I think I might be.  I blame Nugget.  Wondering what Nugget looks like....

Ha! Let's hope Nugget doesn't look like this or I'll probably try to eat him/her.

Some facts:

How Far Along: 10 weeks on Friday, May 4th

Weight Gain: +2 (still fluctuating)

Size of Baby Becker: a prune, weighing in at about .14 oz (this makes me think of constipation - which is a lovely side dish to being prego)

Food Cravings: carbs is my food group of choice

Food Aversions: still coffee, still not loving my veggies (took the tomato off my turkey sub, forced myself to eat green beans that I cooked with dinner - weird). Oh, and I cannot eat our favorite peanut butter choc chip frozen yogurt. It disgusts me.

Signs of Pregnancy:  as if the food aversions and above-mentioned violence aren't enough proof??

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