Monday, June 18, 2012

Settled Down

Well, things have settled down for me. The pregnancy has gotten easier over the last few weeks and I'm feeling pretty good.  I've moved on to the 2nd trimester...16 weeks in...crazy how time flies.  In just a little over 5 months, baby Becker will be here with us.  That is nuts to think about.

The belly is definitely more defined now.  I even went shopping yesterday for lots of stretchy items.  I didn't hit up the maternity stuff yet - just went for the comfy clothes.  Our first stop was TJ Maxx and I found some great maxi skirts, tried them on, was really excited - go to register to pay.......wait for it.....I had handed the fitting room lady the wrong stack of clothes (the ones that actually fit).  So, now I'm at the register with 2 skirts that are too big.  I run back to the fitting room and the lady says the stuff has already been taken back out.  I go to the rack....nothing in my size...I frantically ran around the store looking for someone with a cart full of clothes...nothing.  Seriously??  If it weren't the fact that Mike was there with me, (and I would've been really embarrassed and felt like an idiot), I would have broke down in tears. That's how frustrated I was.  None of my current pants and shorts fit - finally I go shopping and find some nice summer skirts and then this happened. Ugh!  Next stop was Old Navy and I found some skirts so I was able to regain my composure.  Whew - that was close!

16 weeks - June 15, 2012

How Far Along: 16 weeks, 3 days

Weight Gain: +7.5

Size of Baby Becker: an avocado, weighing in at about 3 oz

Food Cravings: french fries; not all the time but Saturday night after we had eaten dinner and I had a brownie for dessert, we were relaxing and watching a movie...cut to the part where I say "mmm, I want some fries... like waffle fries from Chick Fil A".  Mike: "go eat an apple"  Me: "ha, yea right. Ride with me. I'm going to get fries" to Chick Fil A we went at 9 p.m. so I could get some fries.

Food Aversions: none to report

Signs of Pregnancy:  bigger belly and very sore boobs (ouch!)

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