Thursday, June 7, 2012

Things they are a changin...

It's been 2 years since I've blogged...but now, I have a new reason to blog so I'm back at it.  This reason comes in the form of a little 'nugget' growing in my belly.  We've been trying for over a year and were just patiently waiting for it to happen. On March 26th, I realized that the lovely monthly reminder of my womanhood had passed me by.  So, I broke out the pregnancy test.  Pee, wait 3 minutes... yea right!  The plus sign appeared immediately and I think I almost passed out.  I gathered my thoughts and figured out how to tell Mike.  We were sitting down for dinner and thanking God for our meal.  As soon as he said Amen, I whipped the stick out of my pocket and said "we should be thankful for this too".  His exact words were 'what does that mean'? Typical Mike.  Then we ate in a bit of silenced shock.  Since we have only told family and really close friends so far, I'm stockpiling these posts until 12 weeks.  Then, you will be bombarded. Here's the proof, peeps.

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