Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tales from the Prego Crypt

At 12 weeks, we announced to the world (ok, just to the people we know) that Nugget is on the way.  Apparently we aren't celebrities so the world really doesn't care about our lovechild. 

Anyways, I've managed to make it through the first trimester.  Gracefully? NO  With ease? NO  But I made it.  I'm now finishing up week 14 and the last 2 weeks have been really good.  Can't complain.  Well, except for those extra pounds that snuck up super fast.  The problem with these extra pounds is that they don't look like a prego belly - they look more like a muffin top or a one-too-many-burritos belly.  Just some extra fat around the middle.  Pretty, I tell ya.  I'm working on accepting this new fat and not cringing every time I look in the mirror.  Easier said than done.

May 18, 2012 - 12 weeks (+4 lbs)

How Far Along: 14 weeks, 6 days

Weight Gain: +7 (no longer fluctuating, just going up, up up)

Size of Baby Becker: a lemon, weighing in at approx 1.5 oz
Food Cravings:  I've really been wanting grapefruit juice but have yet to get any. Other than that, no real cravings right now.  I did make a chocolate cake over the weekend and I eat a piece (or 2) every single day.  Not really a craving - I just really hate to waste food. :-)

Food Aversions: Doing better with this too; eating more fruits and veggies. They no longer disgust me like they did before.

On another note:  I just finished reading the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. I hear pregnancy hormones are bad - well, just try reading about Christian Grey.  I'm in love.  And I now need therapy.


tina lee said...

thanks for sharing. i am indeed in love too. considering rereading right now. out of control...

Anonymous said...

Thank for sharing. I'm 14w3d as if today.

Anonymous said...